My Name is Aabhash Gautam…

I am a first-generation immigrant who legally immigrated to America with my parents in May 2001. I was just six months old and spent my formative childhood years (until age 6) in Fargo, North Dakota before moving to the suburbs of Los Angeles. The recession forced my family to move to Sacramento before we bought our first home in Rocklin, CA in the summer of 2010. For the last nearly 14 years I have considered Rocklin and the communities surrounding it, in which I have played, studied, and worked, to be my true home. I immediately fell in love with Placer County; between the strength of community and the abundance of nature I have always felt at one with this place. Growing up I attended Sunset Ranch Elementary (2nd graduating class ever), Granite Oaks Middle School, Rocklin High School (Class of 2018), and Sierra College. I am now back after graduating from the University of Southern California in order to lead the fight in Sacramento to preserve our way of life here in this corner of our great north state.

A green and brown rural landscape leading into a bright blue ocean and slightly cloudy sky, done in oil paints.

The Last True California Suburbs

It is my strong opinion that our communities in AD-05 are the last true suburbs of California. This is the only part of the state that continues to resemble any sort of a truly functioning society at the city and county level. We have exceptional schools, exemplary law enforcement, and diligent local leaders who have so far ensured that the chaos of Gavin Newsom’s California has yet to make its way up I-80 from Sacramento to our doorstep. However, make no mistake. The crime, anarchy, and destruction is making its way here and it is coming fast. I have seen the future of bad policy first hand in South Central Los Angeles, which will become our reality in the coming years if we do not continue fighting the good fight in Sacramento. Even today, we are already suffering from the highest cost of living nationwide, price-gouging from PG&E, and mismanagement of our natural resources. The only thing left to occur is a total breakdown of law and order.

As A Community We are Under Attack

Our way of life is under attack. Your rights as parents are under attack. The middle and working class in California is under attack. It is time to stand up against Sacramento elitism, fiscal mismanagement, and incompetent policy in order to lead the California comeback. We will achieve this goal by sending a true fighter to Sacramento and by placing a shining spotlight on our communities here in AD-05. I know in my heart that once the rest of our fellow Californians witness how we operate as a caring and competent society here in Placer and El Dorado County, they too will finally hold their elected officials accountable and demand better for our state. The fight is not over, it has only truly begun.

Join me, in saving our state and taking back our assembly district from the special interests in Sacramento. We must act now before it is too late.

Your friend,