The California Comeback

Now is Our Time to Restore the California Dream

Why I Am Running

My name is Aabhash Gautam and I am running to take our assembly district back from the hands of Sacramento special interests. My opponent Joe Patterson is a good man but at the end of the day he is just another politician. I am not truly running against Joe Patterson, rather I am running against Joe the Assemblyman. Joe the Assemblyman who takes donations from:

  • Budlight ($9,800 to Joe Patterson)
  • Blueshield ($9,800 to Joe Patterson) 
  • Co-Founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings ($1,500 to Joe Patterson)
  • Meta ($2,500 to Joe Patterson)

And over $600,000 more in special interest cash. 

(The list is too long to paste, please see for yourself at:

Not being owned by lobbyists or controlled by party leadership will allow me to actually perform my job as an Assemblyman, which is to fight for us and the rest of California against the rampant corruption in Sacramento. I believe I have tailored my platform in order to alleviate our state from the destruction caused by the ongoing 16-year Brown-Newsom regime.

Send me to Sacramento because our district is not for sale and once I am in Sacramento it will never be for sale again! 

I hope to earn your vote this coming March, and God-willing, in November as well.

I will fight to end CA’s sanctuary status and will publicly urge ICE to enforce federal immigration law

Fixing Things That Shouldn’t Have Been Political In the First Place

From water and forest management to college and energy affordability I aim to fight for the things that matter to the citizens, not the corporations!

See my stances on these issues and others here:

My crime bill will mandate enforcement and prosecution of criminals statewide in order to make our communities safe again

Your Vote, Your Voice!

I pledge to take ZERO dollars from corporate lobbyists, ensuring that your beliefs are front and center.

I will be the only CA GOP Assemblyman with the courage to declare, on the floor of the CA Assembly, that CA elections are inundated with voter fraud and require an immediate statewide audit NOW!

We Will Make College Affordability a Reality for Californians

ABG Needs Your Help to Secure OUR Liberties and Make Sure OUR Voice is Heard